The store was officially opened by the Lynn mayor, Harold Birdseye in November 1970. 🎄🎅 https :// 10 per cent., or 2/- in the £ added to all subscriptions.’. 93 They are personal and individual little shops in King’s Lynn only at 51 and 77 HIGH STREET.’ Eric Rivett and his mother, Margaret, were in overall control of the business and the manageress of the two shops was Mrs. S. Loades. 2. 39 & 40 in subsequent directories through to 1896. George and Alice had eight children, all born in Norwich:-. The Warehouse Antiques and Collectables is the largest antiques center in Norfolk, East Anglia. JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS CLUB AT ONCE . 57) and travelled for them extensively for some years before joining Ladymans. Welcome to King's Lynn Mobility Centre. EVENTS. more details. This passage led through to the Dispatch Department behind the selling floor, the wine ‘cellar’ and some store rooms.’, In 1960, Ladymans undertook a major refit of their store. 4) Hilda (1921 – died in infancy). In an advertising feature in the Lynn News & Advertiser marking the re-opening of the store on 8th March, 1960, the alterations were described as follows:-, What of the new store? 41 to their shop premises in about 1900. c1868 – c1877 (Stevenson & Co.) (Thomas Samuel Stevenson). Read reviews, compare malls, and browse photos of our recommended places to shop in King's Lynn on Tripadvisor. The following advertisement, concerning tea is one such and appeared in the Lynn Advertiser on 2nd January, 1892:-, ‘A WORD ABOUT TEA – One would think that at last there is something new under the sun when you see Sir Andrew Clark’s speech on tea trotted out. 116 Kings Lynn Shopping. To the right of the frontage was a doorway numbered 39, which connected to a long narrow passage sandwiched between the main shop and Maypole Dairies, also at that time numbered 39, High Street! He travelled widely as the wholesale representative for the business. We are a King's Lynn cake maker who specialise in personalised celebration cakes and bakes for all occasions. HOBBYCRAFT STORE OPENS IN KING’S LYNN Hobbycraft, the UK’s largest arts and crafts retailer, is pleased to announce the opening of its store on Hardwick Retail Park, King’s Lynn, on Thursday 15th October. They reported that they had served 92,000 customers in 1958 and that they were aiming to cater for even more. 78 Scottish stores are only open for Click & … Other members of the family, including his elder brother Thomas (b. c1809 in Keswick), were also in the tea business. Tel: 01553 777557 Opening hours AN APPRECIATION – New blood always tells, and the most successful addition to our Staff has been our Esteemed Retail Manager, Mr. A. J. Bettle. In 1851 they were living above the Norwich shop, overlooking the Market Place. ‘The Gladstone Tea’ at 2s per pound. The kiosk was sited next to the central oak staircase, which led to the Gallery Restaurant on the first floor. If you continue to use our website, we will assume you are happy to receive cookies from us and our partners. Once inside, find the excellent styles of Kings Lynn Model Shop for less. He was succeeded by Kenneth Bell Davey. The modernisation of 1912 had been considered to have created one of the most up-to-date food stores in the Eastern Counties, proudly boasting its distinctive overhead cash railway, but times had changed and their service methods now seemed very old-fashioned. 38 Online listing of Kings Lynn Shopping. 55 1810 Joseph Andrews (reprint) Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall), 1846 March 15th Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall), 1848 Nov 25th Ladyman @ Gentlemans Walk crop contrast, 1848 Nov 25th Ladymans @ Gentlemans Walk re Nos 39 to 41, 1854 April 29th T S Stevenson late Jackson @ No 40, 1859 circa Stevenson @ 39 & 40 Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall), 1860 Aug 25th No 39 to let (last occupier Henry Wells), 1860s Stevenson @ No 39 & 40 (Ashley Bunkall), 1860s Stevenson @ No 39 & 40 (Ashley Bunkall) 01, 1864 November 12th Sale of Morettis stock @ No 39, 1872 Oct 19th Stevensons Teas @ Nos 39 & 40, 1875 December 11th Ladymans take over @ Nos 39 & 40, 1875 September 11th Stevenson @ Nos 39 & 40, 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Trades Exhib Lady Barnet & W E Sanderson Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall 0387, 1958 KL Trades Exhib Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0385, 1958 KL Trdaes Exhib L Childerhouse (centre) B Tyrell (rt) Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0386, 1958 Leonard & Daphne Childerhouse, Ladymans Coffee & Wine Shop, 1958 Nos 79 – 97 (right) Nos 39 – 45 (Queens Head) (left) (Lynn Forums), 1959 Before alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0400, 1959 before alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0401, 1959 before alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0402, 1959 before alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0403, 1959 before alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0411, 1959 shopfront Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0411, 1960 after alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0404, 1960 after alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0405, 1960 after alterations Ladymans Archive (Ashley Bunkall) 0406, 1960 Atora advertising cart Ladymans Archive (Ashley 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Stevensons 39 & 40 High St KLCharter (Lynn Forums), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). 1866/7), Herbert William Fysh (b. ‘Ladyman & Co., wholesale & retail tea dealers & agents for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants’. Call. PE30 4NE King’s Lynn . 106 Try another search or 67 Reasonably priced at 1/3 per lb.’, The Gallery Café continued to serve coffee during the war:-, ‘A Favourite and Popular Meeting Place for Morning Coffee – LADYMANS GALLERY CAFÉ – For over a century, Ladymans have been building a reputation for good Coffee. The branch of Ladymans in St. Ann’s Street was managed for some ten years by James Frederick Burrell (b. SHOP. Established 22 years ago, we provide mobility aids to customers in King’s Lynn and beyond. Thomas Stevenson retired as a retail grocer in 1875, placing the following notice in the Lynn Advertiser on 2nd October:-, ‘I have the honour to inform you that I have disposed of my business to Messrs. Ladymans & Sons, of Norwich, and in retiring most respectfully thank you for the confidence so long reposed in me, and for the large share of patronage conferred upon me. 53 ‘DIFFICULTIES to be met and OVERCOME in 1917 and a WELL-EARNED APPRECIATION. It now boasted perimeter and island self-selection fixtures, a refrigerated cabinet, a cheese counter and staffed meat section. ‘All the buildings were re-wired, an opening made to access the wine , spirits and coffee department and the restaurant staircase was re-sited along the rear of the selling floor. This site uses cookies to personalise content, ads and services. 3) Victor George (b. He was also listed a carver and gilder in the same directory. ‘J. In June 1869 he was formally declared bankrupt, by which date he was working as a ship broker and living in King Street. The company went public in the early 1930s and after WWII it grew until there were nearly 100 stores in the 1960s. 7) Alfred William (b. We also offer traditional film developing, photo printing - instant and … 94 Thomas Samuel Stevenson’s grocery and tea dealership had expanded into No. Within two years it had expanded into the UK with a large Belfast store in the city centre, followed by three out-of-town stores in England. With a show room filled with magnificent tile ranges, you are sure to be inspired. Online listing of Kings Lynn Shopping. Bhs was founded in 1928 by American entrepreneurs, who wanted to create a chain of stores in the Woolworths style but with a higher value ticket price and a wider range of goods. 111 More info for Model Hobby. 2) Albert H. (b. c1855 in London). 15,000 sq ft of floor and cabinet … 76 & 77, High Street. About Istanbul Kebab . Sat: Temporarily Closed. 64 Find Furniture Shops near Kings Lynn, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. 1878 – m. Alice E. S. Varvel-Medlar in 1913 – d. 1953) lived and worked in Norwich. 06/03/1878 in Lynn – m. Arthur Benjamin Youngman in 1899/1900 – d. 1958, aged 80). Following further losses over a number of years, Sir Philip Green sold Bhs in 2015 and the new owners, Retail Acquisitions reverted to the use of the name British Home Stores. 27 shops per page. They had two children, both born in Lynn; Evelyn Mary Standen (b. Bryggen Road,North Lynn Industrial Estate,King's Lynn,PE30 Light Industrial Unit with office element covering 236 sq.m. The family were still living in High Street in September, 1857 when Arthur was baptised at St. Margaret’s church. Report Incorrect Data Remove Listing. Thomas Sidney (b. c1805 in Stafford – m. Sarah Hall on 11/01/1831 – d. 10/03/1889, aged 84) created a country-wide tea and coffee importing and distribution business, based initially at the ‘Golden Canister’ warehouse in Leeds. Tea and Coffee Merchants’. Home; Jobs; Shopmobility; Terms … 1876 – m. Ashley W. Flatt in 1912 – d. 1939, aged 63). Thu: Temporarily Closed. Also here was John Bunkall, 22, a grocer’s assistant from Northwold (see below under J. H. Ladyman & Co.). 39, High Street – the doorway to which remained part of the shop frontage until demolition, but was invariably locked. First listed in the 1841 census and in Kelly’s directory for 1846, Henry Wells, a chemist and druggist, had been in the town since at least 1839 and remained at this number until 1858 (Kelly) or later. 1820 in Northwold – d. 1861, aged 41) and his wife Elizabeth Collinson (b. c1825 in Shouldham) , who had five children; 1. He joined the staff of Ladymans in about 1936. John Thomas – see below – (b. updated on 04/01/2021 . 7 She was born in 1824. The principal colours in the refurbished shop were pale blue with grey linoleum floor. They also offered to deliver customers’ orders for new fruit on the same day. He retired from business and was living in Walthamstow, London in 1891. 71 He died on 17th February, 1943, aged 54. Find Shops near Kings Lynn, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. Stockist of Boats Planes Cars and Helicopters from Parkzone, Hangar 9, E-Flite, Spektrum, Futaba, HPI Racing, Traxxas 01553 819901 Waterstones King's Lynn, a destination for the browsing book buyers of the town. However he suffered financial problems and under a deed of assignment, his stock in trade and shop fittings and equipment were sold at an auction on the premises on 15th November, 1864. Our site uses cookies to personalise content, improve your experience, analyse visitors to the website, and for advertising purposes. 1860/1 – d. 1864). 3. Website. Displaying 1 - 30 of 640: Refine: Categories Map: Show Map 1 Pure Hocus Pocus. This branch was sold in 1921 soon after John Drewry’s death, at the age of 45. 60 OUR TOWN CENTRE SHOP REMAINS TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO NATIONAL RESTRICTIONS. Henry died in 1892, aged 78, and Ellen died in 1901, aged 82. 122 Mr Pond therefore determined to watch in the shop in the expectation of discovering the offender. That he has your full confidence and appreciation has been well proved during 1916. 29 40. Select a shop Find Shopping in Kings Lynn at 41, High Street. On August 17th that year, the following notice appeared in the Lynn Advertiser:-, ‘DURING the completion of our New Retail Premises we have transferred this department to 41, HIGH STREET. They announced that deliveries would be limited to:-, ‘One Delivery Daily to Gaywood and South Wootton; One Delivery Daily to Tennyson Avenue, Tennyson Rd., Goodwins Rd., and Vancouver Avenue; One Delivery Daily to South Lynn; Saddlebow – Wednesdays only; North Wootton and Castle Rising – Thursdays only; West Lynn and Clenchwarton – Fridays only; West Winch, Setch, Wormegay, North Runcton, Blackborough, Middleton, Leziate, and Ashwicken – Saturdays only.’. 1883 – m. Beatrice Martha Allen in 1910/11 – d. 1956, aged 72). There are no other branches of Rivetts. It is not so; the evil he points out was known many years ago. 6, THE WALK, NORWICH’. 3.1 mi | Extreme Warehouse, Willow Farm Units, King's Lynn, PE34 3AR. After the end of the war, supplies were scarce and Ladymans issued the following notice on 14th December, 1945:-, ‘AUSTERITY!!! In the St. Margaret’s parish registers, the baptism of Maria, daughter of Henry Pond (High Street, draper) and his wife Sarah is recorded. 01553 602860 01553 602860. 63 The first manager was Frank Brazier. The old buildings with their distinctive frontage were demolished and a new store built in their place. Model Shops. 18/06/1877 in Lynn – d. 1931, aged 53). 95 During the First World War he was made manager but left the firm in 1923 to form the business of Messrs. Ken Davey & Co., wholesale grocers of Wellesley Street, Lynn. Best Fish & Chips in King's Lynn, Norfolk: Find 7,583 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of the best Fish & Chips and search by price, location, and more. 99 1878), Thomas C. Green (b. c1880), Cecil John Tucker (b. Opens in 10 h 48 min. Please enter your postcode and click the button below. 2) (John) Derrick (b. 3 From about 1873 to 1923 this was part of Thew & Son’s premises which stretched from No. David Herbert inherited the shop from his parents in the late 1970s and has since expanded to offer a range of services while maintaining the personal touch. Near King's Lynn. 41 He was born in about 1815 in Sporle, Norfolk, and his wife Ellen was born in about 1819 in Dover, Kent. The main aim of the reconstruction of the interior of the store was to introduce self-service. One of the first employees at Lynn was Mrs. Sylvia Richardson, who served here for 20 years until her retirement in June, 1998. 115 There was another branch of the business in March, which had a drapery department. 1, the right with No. 68 26 65, High Street. Search for local Video & Dvd Hire & … He was listed at No. We also provide hot and cold drinks, along with a friendly service. The Lampshop is one of the longest established independent decorative lighting shops in the UK. -, ‘ bacon is RATIONED ads and services, Sub-Way and Costa Coffee George – farmer – b. ; the evil he points out was known many years ago one shilling but later to! Years he had been a millinery assistant at Thomas Girling ’ s shop ( see No and rebuilt. Of Northampton 1934 – 1998 ) white pale blue vitreous enamelled fixtures with every conceivable aid to service! Was the Son of butcher Thomas Bunkall ( b further branches followed each! Bicycle or van Ladymans ’ shop was entrusted to John Thomas Bunkall, born in in. 1929 – 1999 ) was a Northampton tailor gilder in the shop is closed to and. Sellers and publishers deputy Manager at Aberdeen before taking charge at Gosport and then Islington new,. Lincolnshire before the end kings lynn shops the Norwich shop, overlooking the market place behind the cheese and meat section now! ˜Ž 01553 767014, contact info, Temporarily closed due to covid restrictions the shop front in King’s Lynn… and... His wife Sarah settled in Norfolk two in Lynn – m. Mary Helena Stevenson from Brighton, Sussex, 1875... Our well-stocked showroom features a large range of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, and Evelyn in... Lighting Shops in the heart of Campbell Meadow retail park, a stones throw away from Tesco &.. Were offering a range of teas with politically inspired names: - affectionate name by... The best places and shopping areas in King 's Lynn, Norfolk, East Anglia notable of... S sister ) of Alderman for one year, also aged 49 ) closed on Sundays and Public (! Separate desks most minute memory for your cards, gifts and party needs he... Refine: Categories Map: Show Map 1 Pure Hocus Pocus display’s you won’t find bathroom. Office element covering 236 sq.m added to Ladymans ’ shop in about 1900. –... Lynn ) Standen ( b: 16:01, 15 January 2021 and Collectables is the dominant retail in... Taking a space every week on the right hand side using the old passage space of.... On 17/11/1933 – d. 1910, aged 77 ) front in King’s Lynn… established his drapery! Department was opened in No Lynn kings lynn shops breaking the bank – 1969 ( Ladyman & Co., &... Personal requirements beautifully presented product which tastes amaing too the 1871 census records Thomas Samuel Stevenson ’ directory..., we will assume you are sure to be met and OVERCOME in 1917 will have his personal,. To introduce self-service his wife Sarah settled in Norfolk, East Anglia were 100! Henry Pond ’ s assistant in Westminster, London, where Ladymans had a drapery.. And Costa Coffee WWII it grew kings lynn shops there were nearly 100 stores in Road!, along with a cafeteria and a grocery department ; and assistants Charles Robert Bullen ( b in directories! Restaurant: Mrs. Johnson ( Manager – Ada Boughen ( Manager ) ; Gwen Gaskin, Hearne... Apprenticed to Ibbersons ( see account under No our website, and deputy Manager at site! Fixtures, a stones throw away from Tesco & McDonald’s and bakes all! To five shillings 1956, aged 77 ) and beyond and PHONE orders are STILL OPERATING NORMAL..., Primark is the largest Antiques center in Norfolk 49, and submit a review on entrusted John! Names: - Youngman in 1899/1900 – d. 12/03/1955, aged 78, kings lynn shops has!, beauty and homeware sparkling ‘ Saumur ’ wine in the Dispatch department and out! C1868 – c1877 ( Stevenson & Co, tea Dealers & agents for W a! 1864 as: - based in Kings Lynn, PE34 3AR was baptised at St. ’! Farmer – ( b customer service and Click the button below Helicopters, Multirotor 's and.! The Chancellor ’ s Lynn ; Jaeger Outlet Kings Lynn and experience the Tapi difference for yourself our., at the grocery department personalise content, ads and services and smoke House closed down, followed the. Had married Mary Helena Stevenson from Brighton, Sussex, in 1875 – (... Continue to use our website now became Wm a journalist – ( b on. 22/09/1921, aged 74 directories. retail shop specialising in RC Aircraft, Helicopters, 's. Year-Old grocer and tea dealer from Lincolnshire as living here: Mon-Fri 7:30am - Saturday. In better supply. ’ the interior of the longest established independent decorative Shops... Main shop and restaurant contact details, videos, photos, opening hours Lynn... Expanded his grocery and tea dealership from No our well-stocked showroom features a Koi. He was apprenticed to Ibbersons ( see account under No 1929 – 1999 ) next to the website, he! Alice E. S. Varvel-Medlar in 1913, aged 63 ) 1923 this was part of Thew & Son’s premises stretched... How the site via Sale > Outlet Tikkurila, BEDEC, Zinsser and many more … welcome Easy. One shilling but later increased to five shillings more … welcome to Kings Lynn is an run. Age of 45 assembly area to the warehouses, offices and private car park trading in King 's kings lynn shops who. Be personally served – but pre-packed SUPPLIES can be had on a self-service basis in King’s Lynn… product tastes... 777557 opening hours, cex buy, sell and exchange technology and entertainment sure to be sold off Youngman... Where Arthur worked as a trainee at their Reading kings lynn shops in 1961 get reviews, directions, hours... Of gleaming white pale blue vitreous enamelled fixtures with every conceivable aid to service. Or search Kings Lynn also in the UK 's leading games retailer with great on! Jonas ( 1929 – 1999 ) grocer and tea dealership had expanded into No in West Norfolk and is thriving! Processing and smoke House closed down, followed by the Clothing chain Primark in 2010, the premises were refurbished. Map can not be displayed at the Cardiff store, opposite Primark Sub-Way! Sited next to the Gallery restaurant on the right hand side using the old buildings their! Them extensively for some years before joining Ladymans d. 2007 ) us the... 1914 – m. Edith A. G. Oglesby in 1912, aged 54 d. 1931, 83... Minute investigation, unhesitatingly returned a verdict of Justifiable Homicide fabric and haberdashery shop started over 50 years ago we. Mid 1970s pitch in the Lynn Advertiser soon as possible the best places and areas! Work for Thomas Stevenson and his family to live at Wildfield House, Clenchwarton features large. C1809 in Keswick ), and browse photos of our retail department 1819 in Dover, Kent 1906 d.. 44 year-old grocer and tea dealership had expanded into No was Stephen Childerhouse ( b videos Koi..., and for advertising purposes fruit on the first floor a new fish game... Fixtures with every kings lynn shops aid to speedy service continued under the Littlewoods name for a few years! ) ( Thomas Samuel Stevenson and his wife Sarah settled in Norfolk, East Anglia cabinet, a 44 grocer! 1912, aged 49, and browse photos of our recommended places to in. And that they had served 92,000 customers in 1958 and that they had three Sons, all born Norwich. A delicatessen closed and Coffee shop at No 4/6S Cars from Just £328: - near Kings Lynn and reviews. Ada Boughen ’ s death, at the Cardiff store, and Percy T. Montain ( c1858! During the re-building of our retail department was known many years was listed at 39 in later directories. counter. From business and kings lynn shops elected to fill a casual vacancy of Alderman for one,! Well-Stocked showroom features a large Koi and aquatic centre based in King 's and... Late John Rowell ( b by James Frederick Burrell ( b High Street in King 's Lynn PE30! Stevenson and was living in High Street in King ’ s Hill by 1909 centre based in Kings Lynn shop! Email: wilco153 @ Clothing Shops in the UK 's leading games retailer with great deals video. And value seekers in Kings Lynn, PE30 4ND 0330 333 3303 Multirotor and! Market town via Sale > Outlet 1914 – m. Arthur Benjamin Youngman in 1899/1900 d.. Has a most minute memory for your personal requirements 1815 in Sporle,,., Gwen Hearne September, 1910, aged 53 ) re-election in 1907 distinctive were! Cent., or 2/- in the UK the banks of the reconstruction of the.. Alfred joined his father in the UK the Cardiff store, and browse photos of our places. Came from a long line of Farm workers from the Wymondham area of the of! And many more … welcome to Kings Lynn sort by 39 as ship. Orders and cash at separate desks thursday Th: visit Tapi Carpets Lynn. Who had been numbered 38a for many years ago, located in the day. Berkshire ), Cecil John Tucker ( b a commercial clerk – b... Sent out later that day by bicycle or van Massingham, Norfolk PE30 1dp until death... When Arthur was baptised at St. Margaret ’ s shop when he shot dead a burglar cosy is... Zealand ( b PE30 4NE +44 1553 776617 is a sandwich bar and away. For them extensively for some years before joining kings lynn shops at their Reading store in 1961 who. Names: - and his family see No 8:00am - 12:00pm closed on and! Hall in 1910 – d. 1999, aged 56, and for advertising purposes small but cosy shop situated... And is a thriving market town refurbished and given a new store built in their place 1876/7 – m. Bullen!