The following is the most common format. For all other versions of the mark-up language, however, it still has to be used in the correct form. HTML5: HTML4: Version: It is an extension of html4. HTML 4.1 HTML 4.01 HTML 4 HTML 4.9 2. The simplest and most reliable doctype declaration to use is the one defined in HTML5: If you need a doctype matching a specific version of (X)HTML, the doctype declaration must be exact (both in spelling and in case) to have the desired effect, which makes it sometimes difficult. The Code HTML5 DOCTYPE declaration is very simple. The doctype declaration is as follows in HTML5:-. Which element is no longer supported in HTML5? But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. So, or , both will do. It lets the browser know how the document should be interpreted, by indicating what version or standard of HTML (or other markup language) is being used. Which doctype is correct for HTML5? Ans: HTML 4.01 Correct Answer! According to the HTML specification or standards, every HTML document requires a document type declaration to ensure that the pages are displayed in the way they are intended to be displayed. Copyright © 2020 W3codemasters - Powered by CreativeThemes. View Notes - HTML5 from CIS 133DA at Rio Salado Community College.